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Our program combines nutrition with exercise to help you change your habits and improve your overall fitness and health. With advice from our personal trainer and gym workouts tailored to your body type, you’ll feel so good that you’ll want to stick with this program.


Our system will help you achieve the results you’ve been fighting towards if you are all in. When you hire a personal trainer with Hyde Fitness Consulting, you’ll get a system that is custom fit to help you meet your goals.


Successful weight loss isn’t magic. You can’t snap your fingers and see instant results. When we agree to work with clients, we stress that our program is a self-investment that takes hard work. If you are looking for help with your weight loss in Fayetteville, AR, you need to be committed.

Become the Strongest Version of You with Help from Our Personal Trainer

Do you want to eat the foods you want without sacrificing results? Have you been looking for an exercise plan that maximizes results without leaving you feeling drained? Our professional health coach is here to show you exactly why no other program has worked before. Created by holistic fitness coach Lucas Hyde, our program focuses on a total approach to fitness that helps you achieve the goals you set and maintain your results.

Are you looking for a weight loss professional to take the stress out of fitness? While our trainers are located in Northwest Arkansas, our programs can reach you wherever you are in the world. Searching the internet for “fitness coach near me?” Why not sign up with one of the most successful holistic fitness consultants in the country? You will get all the support you need from the convenience of your computer or mobile device! Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

What’s the difference between our weight loss trainer and other coaches? We step away from out-of-the-box fitness programs to create a system specifically built around you. We focus on changing your habits, mindset, nutrition, and overall health through online and in-person training. If you are ready to put in the work, our personal trainers are here to guide you to a better life.

Our system helps you:

Whether you work with our personal trainer Fayetteville AR or online, we’ll help you take advantage of our programs’ ultimate flexibility and long-term sustainability. If you are serious about hiring a personal trainer, contact us today!

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At Ozark Iron Gym & Other Facilities

When you work with our personal trainer Fayetteville AR, we’ll create a training program that works with your busy schedule. While we are not affiliated with any specific gym, we are happy to work with clients wherever they have a gym membership.

One of the most incredible benefits of working with Hyde Fitness Consulting is our zero risk commitment. While many people have doubts when hiring a new trainer, we offer peace of mind with our money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied in 30 days with the progress you’re making, we will give you your money back. Even better? You’ll get to keep everything you learned from our professional, certified team.

Let Our Personal Trainer Rogers AR Guide You to a Better Life

Are you looking for a certified consultant to improve your fitness Rogers AR? Our team is here to systemize your wellness. As one of the most trusted personal trainers in Northwest Arkansas, our goal is to help you become the strongest version of yourself. Proper fitness goes beyond cardio and strength training. We combine physical, mental, and emotional work to help you adopt a genuine fitness lifestyle. When you work with our weight loss trainer, you’ll take advantage of our three-step approach to better wellness.


The primary goal of your fitness coach is to educate you on how to take care of yourself. You’ll get access to a library of videos made specifically to help you reach your goals. The educational aspect of your journey doesn’t just help you learn how to do things properly. We’ll dispel the most common myths the industry hears about working out and dieting so you can find the best results with your program.


Program and Progress Tracking

Our programs are custom-tailored to each client. This ensures that you can truly reach your goals. Your health coach will work with you every step of the way. We’ll show you how to track your progress correctly. By looking at your exercise and diet progress, you’ll see where you need to put in extra work.

Program and Progress Tracking


Focusing on routine is where your journey comes together. Creating habits that stick allows you to stay on track. You won’t just see results, but you’ll also be able to maintain your weight once you’ve achieved your goals.

If you are looking for a certified personal trainer in Rogers, AR, we’re here to help. Contact us today if you’re serious about taking the first step to a healthier you.


Take Advantage of Referral Bonuses

On top of our money-back guarantee, we offer great rewards incentives for client referrals. All our clients get a hefty referral bonus when friends and family sign up for our fitness coaching. We know you’ll be satisfied with the results you see, and we encourage you to share your progress with others. Contact us for more information on our referral incentives.


Hire Professional, Results-Driven Personal Trainers Bentonville AR

If you’re typing “find a fitness coach near me” into the search bar, stop right there! Our team has worked with various clients to help individuals in NW Arkansas and anywhere online meet their fitness goals. From business executives to wealthy families, if you value a high-caliber coach, we’re here to help. 

What Is Fitness?

Fitness is a broad term with several different meanings. Ultimately, fitness means something different to each individual. At the heart of the term fitness is you. Fitness varies from person to person because it refers to your own optimal health and overall well-being.

Being fit goes beyond physical health to include your emotional and mental wellbeing. It defines every aspect of your health. Of course, eating healthy and staying active are the foundation of fitness. While having a personal trainer and gym is a crucial component of a great fitness program, you should also focus on changing habits and improving self-care to get the best results.

Are you looking for a certified personal trainer Bentonville AR? Hyde Fitness Consultants is here to help! We offer in-person meetings with our personal trainers Bentonville AR, and also work with clients across the country online. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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How Do Our Personal Trainers Help You Reach Your Goals?

One of the most common questions we get is how you can be sure our personal trainers will help you truly reach your goals. Holistic fitness consultant Lucas Hyde has created a personal coaching program tailored to each client to help you meet your specific goals.

Our successful coaching program includes:

Looking for a Personal Trainer and Gym That Works? Sign Up for Our Customized Exercise Plan!

If you want to kick your fitness routine up a notch, we’ll help you create a strength training routine that brings results. Strength training allows you to continue to sweat the calories while also toning your body.

Hyde Fitness Consultancy Coaching Program in Arkansas

What Is Strength Training?

Also called resistance training, strength training helps you build strength, muscle mass, and endurance. You can use your body weight or other fitness tools, such as barbells, free weights, and resistance bands. Whether you meet us at Ozark Iron Gym, another NWA facility, or take advantage of our online training, strength training has several benefits.

Your personal trainer will help you take advantage of the benefits of strength training, including:

Are you looking for a personal trainer Rogers AR, and surrounding areas? Do you need a professional trainer who can create an effective strength training plan to help you improve your overall fitness level? We’re here to help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our expert trainers.

Comprehensive Programs to Improve Fitness for Rogers, AR Clients and beyond

The best way to see the results you desire is to create a comprehensive health program. By combining nutrition, fitness, and self-care, you will see the best results. The food you eat plays a vital role in how you look and feel. We use food as our medicine to help you improve your health with easy-to-follow nutrition plans that fit every lifestyle.

While regular exercise and proper nutrition are vital to your fitness success, rest and recovery are just as critical. Studies show that no matter how much you work out or how healthy you eat, you won’t achieve your goals if you don’t get proper rest.

Hydration is also crucial to your success. When we create your program, we’ll discuss every aspect of your health goals. Your trainer will create a comprehensive plan that details every step you need to take to improve your overall health and adopt a fitness lifestyle that brings you to your goals. 

If you want to work with a trainer who covers every aspect of your fitness journey, we’re here to help! Contact us today to improve your overall fitness in Rogers, AR, and surrounding cities.

Discuss Your Personal Goals

With a Certified Health Coach

Your fitness consultant will tap into your deepest motivation behind changing your current lifestyle. Every step of your journey will be backed by a results-driven strategy that brings you closer to your best self. What’s even better is that our programs are created to fit your current lifestyle and only focus on changes that are realistic and achievable. That’s why we’re confident you’ll succeed and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are you ready to get started? If you are serious about improving your life, we’re committed to helping you reach your goals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Just as any sports coach can help an athlete develop and excel at a sport, our holistic fitness consultant can help you excel at living a healthier, happier life. While each program is customized to you as a client, the program development process is the same. You’ll meet with your health coach to discuss your ideas, issues, goals, and desires. Your program will be built based on strategies that help you arrive at your goals.

Unlike traditional trainers, our fitness consultant can help you achieve overall wellness. Our programs don’t just help you lose weight. They also help with stress reduction, management of chronic conditions, improving diet and exercise, overcoming addiction, and adjusting to life-altering health episodes.

Meet with a Personal Trainer Online

If you aren’t located in the Northwest Arkansas area or simply want an online option, we’re proud to offer our programs online. We’ll use video calls to meet with you to discuss your goals. Once we’ve created your program, you’ll have access to a library of videos that educate you on better nutrition and safe exercise.

You can access your videos on the go for even more convenience. From how-to videos to nutrition tutorials, you’ll love the variety and results you get with Hyde Fitness Consulting. Our program and progress tracking help you track what you eat and how you move to help you reach your goals faster. Finally, you’ll be able to create a routine that helps you stay on track.

With Hyde Fitness Consulting, it’s not just about losing weight and improving your overall health. We want you to have access to a program that you can maintain. Contact us today to learn more about our online programs.

Need a Holistic Personal Trainer Bentonville AR? We’re Here to Help!

Have you struggled to find the right personal trainers in Bentonville, AR? We help you perfect the frameworks for a successful fitness lifestyle. There are no bandaids with our approach. Instead, we help you develop these frameworks for yourself until you have your own system.

Your personal trainer will break down the four frameworks for a healthy fitness lifestyle. This includes:

  • Skills- Your skills create the baseline of normalcy for your new lifestyle. The most common skills you’ll need to develop are discipline, execution, time management, and diligence, to name a few. When everything else fails, you’ll have these valuable skills to keep you going.
  • Habits- Creating habits helps you maintain your plan. Your habits are the way you live.
  • Intellect- Working alongside your habits, intellect allows you to use your knowledge scientifically to get results. You’ll see which habits work and which need work. As you track your progress, you’ll know exactly what needs to change to bring you closer to your goals.
  • Commitment- If you genuinely want to see results, you need to be committed. Whether you work with our personal trainer online or in person, we’ll hold you accountable. Accountability combined with motivation will keep you focused on the bigger picture. Believe it or not, even failure is a part of your commitment. You’ll need to accept your failure as part of the process and keep going despite your setbacks.

Are you ready to hire a personal trainer in Bentonville, AR? Get in touch with us today to get started! We’re here to help.                                                        

Need Help with Weight Loss in Fayetteville, AR?

Our one-on-one personal training programs bring you the results you’ve been fighting for when other programs simply haven’t worked. When you’re with our holistic fitness consultant, you’ll have a clear understanding of the steps you need to take to get the results you desire.

While we would love to tell you we have the magic solution that will allow you to snap your fingers and be in the best shape of your life, we wouldn’t lie to you. Results are dependent on you. How bad do you want to reach your goals? Are you willing to put in the work? Are you committed? If you are truly ready to change your life, we promise to give you the tools you need to find success.

We want the process to be as seamless and realistic as possible. That’s the best way to help you reach and maintain your goals. Creating an effective plan means evaluating your lifestyle, finding ways to improve your habits and routine, and building a program that you’ll stick with until you reach your goals.

We’ll meet you wherever you have a gym membership. Many clients belong to Ozark Iron Gym and other Northwest Arkansas facilities. Once we’ve created your customized program, we’ll meet you at the gym of your choice to go over the how-tos of your exercise plan.

If you aren’t located in Northwest Arkansas, take advantage of our online coaching program. You’ll have access to our one-on-one consultations and customized programs and can access your program videos on the go when it’s convenient for you. If you’re ready to improve your overall health and start your journey to weight loss in Fayetteville, AR, and beyond, contact us today!

Schedule a Consultation

With Our Expert Fitness Coach

Are you ready to jump right in? Are you still on the fence about whether our program is right for you? Either way, we’re here to help! When you talk with our team, we’ll be upfront and honest about what goals you can reach and how long it will take to get you there.

We build a system around you that provides the ultimate flexibility and is sustainable long-term. Grueling exercise routine and overly strict nutrition plans simply don’t work. Not only do these types of programs set you up for failure, but they also make it harder to get back on track when you do falter. Our programs are built to help you create the body you want while simultaneously living your best life!

Schedule a consultation with our expert fitness coach to discuss your goals and determine if our trainer is right for you.

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